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Is Facebook now reflecting the undemocratic, hateful grimace of global fascism?

Is Facebook now reflecting the undemocratic, hateful grimace of global fascism?

  By: Franz J. T. Lee

More than a decade ago, Newsweek published a headlined article: 'We are all a bit crazy.'  What the magazine did not reveal was that modern capitalist globalization is driving mad the weather, droughts, floods, earthquakes, all plants, insects, cows and monkeys. Consumer mania and profit mongering definitely are driving nearly seven billion earth-dwellers, masters and slaves, straight to the loony bin, to self-destruction.

We present the following interesting article of Mike Adams to our readers: "Facebook devolves into dark web of anonymous hate speech" -- by Mike Adams  From other related perspectives, in our articles, published in, we referred to the colonial-capitalist Mental Holocaust, to the 'education for barbarism' and the over all 'dis-sociation' to produce a slave mentality.

This article is an excellent endeavor to illustrate to the readers what is Orwellian 'Newspeak,' also the superstructural quintessence of a rising 'Brave New World' in the predicted sense of Aldous Huxley; a world fascist state of affairs, which is being globalized and which will be controlled by a 'One World Government,' in a global mode of systematic corporate destruction, ending up in mass genocide.

Also here in Venezuela, Facebook and similar internet projects are gaining great momentum and favoritism among the youth, and millions do not know anything about the social dangers of such ideological enterprises and communal joint ventures.

     It is not that the common folk ... the workers and the subscribers to Facebook are haters ... are evil and aggressive monsters.

Capitalism has made them into bellicose wares, has converted them into alienated, ossified and cossified things, into 'exchange values,' into docile producers.

  1. Ruling class ideology and religion, pharisaic big lies and hoaxes have destroyed their human, humane and humanist faculties; as 'speaking-tools' have converted them into pathological 'ignorant consumers,' into the belligerent reflections, violent reflexes and dark nether world shadows of their slave masters, of 'post-modernity,' of democratic 'transition,' of the modern 'zoon politikon,' of the Leviathan, of the 'Club of Rome,' of the 'Bilderberg Group,' of the aggressive, hate-injecting official Mass Media, in the cremating Moloch of the Murdoch Empire.

Against a 'Hatebook,' we can only survive by creating our own 'Lifebook,' the Book of Life, the emancipatory Book of Anti-Capitalist Love, that is, a Logical, Natural, Scientific Socialism, in few words, into real, true, Marxism today.
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Who is Franz J. T. Lee / ¿Quién es Franz J. T. Lee?

Español / English
Repost by request /  Reposición 

Who is Franz J. T. Lee?

October 29, 2008
Below: (Video) My Story:

El Dr. Franz J. T. Lee cuenta su interesante vida y vasta experiencia política como luchador contra el Apartheid en Sudáfrica y sus contribuciones teorico-práxicas a la revolución bolivariana en Venezuela.

It all began in a small shack /
Todo comenzó en una pequeña chosa ...

Part 1




A Brief Autobiography:
By Franz J. T. Lee
Per aspera ad astra!
Part I: Juvenile Incipience
Part II: The Age of Reason: Love At Every Sight !
Part III: Scientific Earthquakes and Philosophic Tornados
I Juvenile Incipience



Raindrops keep falling .....

1941. A dawn. What a morn!
Something is born. Mankind is
mourning. Europe is moaning,

An inner, innermost, profound memory.
My first, conscious reflections.
It's raining, a soothing, smoothening,
natural music comes from somewhere,
from everywhere, from above, from the
zinc roof. Raindrops clash and crash
against the window pane. I enjoy how
they tremble, how they shiver, how they
quiver. Some creep down in long,
irregular lines. Some hide behind each
other. Others roll, storm ahead. I'm
fascinated; I am pondering, wondering,

In each one of them, mirrored, I see
zillions of flashes, beautiful images of a
fantastic world. I see many wonderful
worlds, new awakening worlds,
sparkling, silvery ones: some obscure
ones at rest, some bright ones in
motion. Some I cannot fathom, others I
cannot even describe.

Raindrops, raindrops, everywhere. Far
away, on the mountain slope, I see a
majestic rainbow. I dream about my pot
of golden gifts, but my pot has a
shadow, a strange reflection, a
multi-coloured lid. Does everything in
the world have a shadow? Do shadows
separate us? Are there worlds without

Towards the other side, there, huge
mountains of shadows, of dark clouds
approach. Look, look. Each and
everyone has a silvery lining. What's
behind them? Behind all this? The Sun?
But, then ....

"Fransie, get away from the window,
you'll catch a cold."

Back to reality, to the world of do's and
don'ts; back to what to do and what not
to do. That is a baby's question, the nuisance
that frustrates naissance, the nightmare
of a new-born.

Yet, never mind, I will never ever forget
my galaxies of magic worlds; I will
always long to hear my enchanting
music, to see my sparkling raindrops, to
sense my dark, silvery clouds, to feel
my gigantic rainbow again ... to touch
my cool glass pane.

Perhaps, one day, very, very soon, they
will return to me again, to all of us -
who knows, probably in the morn's
Very often retrospective inspection performs marvels; very tenderly it rubs refreshening tiger balsam onto the strained heart muscles. Soothlich, as Spenser would say, the innocent bird of youth au jour le jour daydreams
about white inaccessible Himalayan peaks.
 Alas! As time passes by-and-by, the fiery Owl of Minerva is forced to inure herself to more gray earthly climates, carefully to soar over authoritarian bypasses and patriarchal bygones. But, the eveready slogan of progress inspires, its clamor aspires: per aspera ad astra! The ideological seeds are strewn to the four winds, even the wind itself is already sown. What will be reaped?

Father God & Godfather

For the time being, the earthly and heavenly harvest is determined by God,
by Father, by Father God, by the Godfather, by the Padrino, by Our Father. Childlike incipience believes, just believes in about everything which anybody or anything great spits around as common sense, or vomits out as the "gospel truth". Everywhere, at school, before breakfast, before passing away to Alice in Wonderland, the password is Jesus, Christ, Jesus Christ. The same is valid for swearing, cursing and cursoring. Youth, still filled with Promethean élan, which still wants to thieve the Fire of the Gods, impetuously storms headlong into Christianity, is more Roman than the Roman Catholics, more Catholic than the Catholic Vaticans.

The Dark Ages : Total Eclipse of the Forties & Fifties !

Yeah! Read the Catechism, the Holy Bible; study the Saints, the Holy
Scriptures ! The proof lies in the eating of the religious pudding, drinking the holy blood of Jesus, in the eating of his sacred flesh, of his divine body. Only then, the Child of Jesus can pray : Hic Rhodus, hic salta, here is the spade, call it a spade, here is wine, call it wine. Surely, as time flows on, Phoenix realizes the veritas in vino.
But also this cup shall bypass innocent Youth, also this Socratic hemlock will vanish into smoggy polluted air. Also, the Great Father, who makes History, eventually appears before the rational Court of Final Judgment. The Judge pronounces his verdict as Reason-In-Itself, as Rational Intellect, as Intellectual Reason.

Adolescent Whirlwind

After the "sigh of the oppressed creature", after the "heart of a heartless world", logically, follows the demolition of a world which needs illusions to survive, which progressively produces genuflecting Zombies, guided by Crosses and Swastikas, which fabricates global giga-profits from the "sweat of the brow".

The Calm Before The Storm
Certainly, who sows the wind, will reap the storm, but the pathfinder of every heavy storm is a cool refreshening breeze. Leon Trotsky, the author of Permanent Revolution, of World Revolution, shortly before his assassination in Coyoacan, wrote: "Life is beautiful, enjoy it to the fullest !"

The "Stations of the Celestial Breeze" !
Farm Labor, Karoo Desert, Skyline of Cape Town, Table Mountain, Robben Island, Sharpeville Massacre, Love At First Sight, Correspondence Studies, Factory Work, Slums, Christopher Caudwell, Studies in a Dying Culture, Plechanov, The Role of the Individual in Society, Marx & Engels, Communist Manifesto, Che Guevara, Guerrilla Warfare, Mao-Tse-Tung, Guerrilla Warfare, Yu Chi Chan Club, National Liberation Front of South Africa, Repression, Suppression, Oppression, Apartheid, Scholarship, Exile.

Spitting into the Neckar : The Roaring Sixties !

Many dream about becoming Cowboy film stars, then Governors, and then Presidents of the United States of America; other Presidents want to convert themselves into a "Berliner", much later, in the very same great tradition, another one wants to wage  a "Desert Storm", wants to feel "chevere" in Caracas, and wants to win the "Nobel Peace Prize" as international womanizer.
Many dream about seeing Paris, and then to die peacefully, others long to lose their hearts on the Neckar, in Heidelberg, others wish to stand on the Neckar Bridge in Tübingen, and to spit into the flowing water below, and then, at last, to live turbulently ever thereafter! Now, in the Glorious Sixties is the time when Great Men, Great Revolutionaries, make Revolution, make History. Spartacus, Lenin, Trotsky, Jose Martí, Lumumba, Ho-Chi-Minh, Fidel Castro, Ernest Mandel, ...
 The masses must be mobilized, conscientized, organized : Anti-Apartheid,
Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Authoritarianism, Long Live Anti-eism ! Writing revolutionary articles, holding mammoth lectures across Europe and North America, Addressing the United Nations, collecting funds for the South African Revolution.

Maelstrom of Maturity

Socialist student leader Mussolini becomes the fascist "Il Duce"; Cuba cannot remain a Robinson Crusoe Island, Che is fed-up with Kabila in the Congo, the peasants of Bolivia are not so revolutionary after all, the Soviet Union and the GDR are not so socialist after all, the ANC of South Africa are not so anti-capitalist as they claim to be, the Black Panther movement is not so ferocious as it seems; the Red Army Faction in Germany does not seem to accomplish the Armed Struggle in Europe; Black September does not change the obscurity of the Arabian Future in the Middle East; ... What went wrong? Are Great Men not making History anymore? What is wrong with the great people, with the great races, with the masses? Is it a matter of being wrong or right at all?

The Age of Enlightenment: The Soaring Seventies !

Politics accomplished; University Studies absolved; Love at Second Sight; Dr. phil., lecturer at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt, publishing "Südafrika vor der Revolution ?", "Technische Intelligenz und Klassenkampf" in S. Fischer-Verlag. A Friend for life. What Now ? Quo Vadis ? One Step Forward, Two Steps Backward ?
George Orwell calls. "The Future lies in the Proles !" (Winston). Big Brother warns: "You are the last human being. Your kind is extinct!" The Holy Bible chants: "Who has ears to hear, let him hear!" Phoenix, however, is as blind as a bat; he claims that bats need neither eyes to see nor ears to hear!
Frantz Fanon, the Wretched of the Earth, invite to learn the next lesson of life. Régis Debray ushers in the "Revolution in the Revolution". What he meant by this, will only become clear when he is "bourgeoisified" later in the French Government. The same applies for Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the ardent student leader who stormed Paris in the sixties, and who later democratically co-operated, together with The Greens, in the Frankfurt City local government.

Experience has its Price, its Prize !

Paradise Lost, Paradise Found. Love at Third Sight ! Blue Bird, "Three Times
A Lady!" Co-operative Socialism, Guyana, Burnham. A Friend in Need, in
Deed, indeed. Tropical Heat, Racial Dust, Assassinations, Strikes, again Repression, Oppression, Suppression, .... Depression !
A Daughter Found! A Daughter For Life! Like Mother, like Daughter!
 Neither Great Races nor Small Races make Revolution, make History, emancipate themselves! Why? What did Plechanov say about the Role of the Individual in Society? No Answer !
Nigeria, Racial Discrimination, "You are too White to be a Black!", University of Port Harcourt, Professor of Political Science, .....

The Age of Intellect : The Sobering Eighties !

Say it in Spanish! In Castellano! When in Mérida, try to do it as the Meridians do it! But, not all roads lead to the Meridian capital, to the Andean consciousness. Junior, A Son, like Father, like Son, like Mother! Again : Anti-Apartheid, Long live Bolivar! Long Live Che! Long Live Mandela! However, this Ole!, this Viva!, this Patria o Muerte!, have other roots, other connotations. Inter alia, they are deeply rooted in Roman Catholicism a la latinoamericana.
 All over the medieval superstructure of the Madre Patria Espana still is taking its toll, still is infecting every walk of life, still lures to the bull-ring, still allures to the Vatican. Nobody can escape this fatal mental plague, least of all the "camaradas" or the "revolucionarios" ; the virus of the "theology of religion" invades all pores of "progressive" forces.
Marx and Che and the Pope meet each other here in Latin America; they give each other a warm comradely embrace, and all of them, in complete gentleman agreement and fraternal co-operation, eagerly participate in the world crusade of converting and conscientizing the poor, the masses, the workers, the proletariat, all human beings. Also, like Jesus Christ, like Che, like Marx and Engels, the mature Phoenix sets about to accomplish his historic task of mobilization, of conscientization. E contrario, when the revolutionary students and exploited masses were finished with him, he nearly gained a soul, and was heading straight for heavenly bliss. Finally, his very "comrades", many were already beyond any salvation, saved him and brought him to reason, to Reason.


Sapientia and The Nineties

To become wise is to get cool, is to slowdown, to be cautious, very precise, more lovely, most lovingly, extremely dangerous. Why are some people clever, cui bono?  Why are others so wise ,  que sais-je?
To be clever and to radiate  wisdom are two different qualities, not necessarily two sides of the same relation, of the same thing. Vanity, irrationality and eloquence have nothing to do with Wisdom; confidence, especially in oneself, brilliance, genius, originality, totality and militancy more readily nurture sapientia. Certainly, the nitwit or blockhead, the Dummkopf or Dumpfkopf, is counterpoised to both the dexterous fox and the learned owl, but its real opposite is the payaso, the clown or tomfool.
Concerning the latter, as the result of ideological info-war, the whole globe is already invaded by millions of these preposterous extraterrestrial creatures.

The tomfool gaffs like a threshing machine, spitting out ideological
straw and strewing social smog in all directions; the clown is more excited,
is restless and blind; his artistic delicacy is the tragicomical idee fixe, the
eternal absolute truths.

The Owl of Minerva is mysterious, invisible ; in all obscure and vague
matters she is in her element ; she is quiet, preponderant, mature,
imperturbable, caring and careful, solid and stolid. Christ is dear to her,
Marx is dear to her, but the flowing Truth is dearer still : in the Aristotelian
tradition she hoots :  amicus Plato, amicus Socrates, sed magis amica
veritas !

The Bitter Lesson

Awe stricken all of us wander on this thorny road, along these dangerous
rocky cliffs; some of us get our horns entangled in the arid social shrubs,
and we reach the point of no return, of never ever being able to liberate
ourselves; others with supernatural endurance outlive the devastating
tsunamis, hurricanes and typhoons of our times; those that fall by the wayside
either liquidate themselves or they genuflect, make the sign of the cross,
pray; and then  leave the rest of the matter to the divine che sará, sará ;
others are dragged along by the jolly carnival of politics and exotic sexism,
by the currents of virtual reality and the circus of global progress and
pleasure ; although completely encircled by hungry wolves and bloodthirsty werewolves, very few people succeed to build their humble shacks on firm
earthly soil; only an infinitesimal minority of us can still find a little while
to reflect, to think and to reason about, for and by themselves, to become

The Bitter Lesson : Not the Information Highway, Only simple Acting
a n d  Thinking, About Yourself, By Yourself and For Yourself, Here
a n d  Now, pave the narrow serpentine track towards Wisdom, towards Emancipation.

What did the formal logical "Nineties" reveal ?

Generally, a Man is decorated with a Prize, with a Nobel Prize, with
a Distinguished Service Cross, with an Honorary Doctorate, because
either he is a "hero", or in his field of work, he has done something par
excellence , or he has "discovered" something brand new, for the
technological progress and social welfare of Mankind. Thanks to these
Great Men we enjoy myriad of luxuries of life, health and sanity! Also
may they be eternally blessed for their good work and invaluable
contributions to continental discoveries, military conquests, global
evangelization, statesmanship, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, the Holocaust and
Chernobyl !

I  Want  News !

What did a life, a death, a life  a n d  death of some six "decades",
on some three continents  "discover" ?  What is new, what is up ?
Any News ?

Surely, it did not perform miracles, it did not produce world wonders,
nothing to be proud of, nothing worth  any price,  any prize. It did not
climb Mount Everest, it did not jump around on the Moon, it did not even
jump over the Moon. It did not write, compile or compose the
Encyclopedia Britannica. It is not a walking "Brockhaus" or "Big
Larousse".  It did not fight in Vietnam or Iraq, however,  it surely did
experience many "Desert Storms".

Au contraire, it is a miracle that as a Relation, as a Bezug, it survived at all, and
did not land on Robben Island or was thrown down a barranco.
It is a great wonder that it still has brains to think and a spinal column to
go in upward gait, it is simply wonderful to be able to act  a n d  to think independently.

This is surely priceless, one of the few things which money could not buy, cannot buy. In splendid flummox nights it does surmount its own Mesa in the Loma de Los Indios. This perilous adventure does not enter the Book of Guinness but rather appears on a revolutionary Home page.

Where have all the Flowers Gone ?

In a world of massive ecocide, where the deforested Andes look like a
huge Mars crater, where the evergreen Pedregosa of Mérida is progressively
being converted into a stony, lifeless, treeless cement desert, where, as a
consequence,  the steaming heat melts the zinc and asbestos roofs, where
the tiles become white hot, and where, through the open windows, the
wind howls like a starving wolf, where, on earth, will somebody sincerely
be congratulated because in a desert region he has planted more than a
hundred trees within two years ? And, in a world, where water supply is a luxury, where potable water is a very rare gift of the water lords, who will notice the lovely and loving care devoted to these natural beings so that
they may survive, may grow, may flourish ? Who cares about Nature ?
Who has nightmares about global ecocide ? Who feels hurt when he chops
off the head of a chicken or reduces an age old tree to lumber ? Except,
Woody Allen, who has noticed that this whole globe is simply a huge
"Four Seasons" Restaurant ?

In a world, where Money makes the Earth go round, where can one buy
the time and the leisure to achieve the nearly impossible ? As stated before,
this natural social relation cannot be found on the labor market ; it has no
exchange value, no price, no prize! The above is ever new, is sempiternal news. ...

III Scientific Earthquakes and Philosophic Tornados

The Nineties : Earthquakes  a n d  Tornados

It is a time to rejoice :
 "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,
it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity,
it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness,
it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair,
we had everything before us, we had nothing before us,
we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct
the other way. ...."
(Charles Dickens)
Towards Bolivarian Revolution, towards Socialism?

Jutta, Franz, Juttafranz, Franzjutta.
Love at all sights!

POLITICAL TYPHOONS: From an attempted coup to the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela, to Permanent World Revolution, to Human Emancipation. 
¡Uh, Ah, Chávez, no se va!

University and public charlas, lectures, discussions. San Onofre, Paradise in the Desert.
Books, booklets, videos, charlas.
Left hand Jutta -- right hand Nery.
Práxis, Theory, Emancipation.
Yahoo Groups, MSN Groups, Trinicenter, Vive, La Hojilla, Despertar, Pico Bolivar, ULA-TV, Franzjutta Com, Franzlee Org,
Franzlee Org.Ve, Franz-Lee Org, ... Clarion Calls anywhere , Toque de Diana everywhere! La Lutta Continua! Hasta la Victoria Siempre!
Núcleos de Desarrollo Endógeno, Circúlo Bolivariano "El Momoy". Chiguará!
Award of the Don Tulio Febres Cordero Prize:  Book of the Year 2008.

Franz J. T. Lee -- 70 Years in the Emancipatory Struggle, in the indispensable, untiring epicenter of an indefatigable life struggle.
Franz & Jutta towards the Rubicon.
Mérida, Venezuela


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(Video Series) Emancipation versus (Violence and Peace) 14 Parts - - By Franz J. T. Lee

(Video Series) Emancipation versus (Violence and Peace) 14 Parts

By Franz J. T. Lee

EMANCIPATION PART 1 (Emancipatory 'Violence' versus 'World Peace')


(What is 'World Peace'?)

EMANCIPATION PART 3 (Master and Slave Relation)

EMANCIPATION_PART_4 (A New Science of Nature, to explain the World of, by and for itself)

EMANCIPATION_PART_5  (Critique of Political Economy - Capital) ) 

EMANCIPATION_PART_6  (Capitalism - Condemned also to Die)

EMANCIPATION_PART_7  (Ancient Ruling Class Geocentrism and modern capitalist Heliocentrism - Violation of the Human Intellect)


EMANCIPATION_PART_8  (The Process of Labor, Production, Capitalism, History is a closed System)

EMANCIPATION_PART_9  (The Emancipatory Trinity - Human Being, Human Existence and Human Transcendence)

EMANCIPATION_PART_10  (Eros versus Thanatos - Life versus Death)







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(Videos) Prof. Dr. Franz J. T. Lee explains the International Class Struggle

(Videos) Prof. Dr. Franz J. T. Lee explains the International Class Struggle

Dr. Franz J. T. Lee, Political Science professor at the University of The Andes in Merida, Venezuela since three decades in simple language is teaching his students the essence of s the class struggle on the brink of World War III. Visit us at:

Part Two:









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(Videos) What could be understood by a future Emancipated New (Wo)man?

(Videos) What could be understood by a future Emancipated New  (Wo)man?

By Franz J T Lee

Some ad hoc reflections. Enjoy this short video in three parts.

These anticipatory thoughts are based on the ideas of a possible new (wo)man as illustrated by Frantz Fanon, Che Guevara and Ernst Bloch.


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Franz J. T. Lee: The weather weapon now used in the 'Oil World Wars' is HAARP

The weather weapon now used in the 'Oil World Wars' is HAARP

By Franz J. T. Lee

Scientifically many of us know that capitalism as a mode of self-destruction will and cannot last forever. What we could not imagine was the horrendous magnitude of its current terrorist demise, of its collapse in all spheres of terrestrial life. It brought about total social lawlessness, political chaos and economic anarchy; the whole globe has been converted into devastating tsunamis and floods, into scorching droughts and scorching hell fires, oil drilling and oil spilling. Furthermore, corporate giants are ripping the sea-beds apart; toxic gases devour human lungs and dig huge holes into the ozone heavens. All over we are sleeping on ticking time-bombs, on erupting volcanoes; under the the contaminated dust of the falling 'Twin Towers', the debris of permanent tremors and earthquakes. For millions in Haiti, Honduras, North Korea, in Baghdad, Kabul, Beirut, Gaza, Tehran, Maputo, La Paz or Caracas, life under capitalism is becoming a perpetual nightmare, in fear, subconsciously many millions living around Louisiana are dreaming about a possible detonation of a huge methane pressure cooker, about a restless Mount Everest underneath the Gulf of Mexico.

We never imagined that we would live to see one gigantic Behemoth, which was set loose by the megalomania, avarice, greed, treachery, arrogance and ignorance of homo homini lupus, of a small powerful elite, armed to the teeth with mortal  weapons of mass destruction. The 'Bilderberg group' or the 'Club of Rome' do not even care about their own lives and that of their own kith and kin. They dream about a 'One World Government', of Orwellian global fascism.

What confronts billions is a huge, corporate, imperialist Leviathan, which is surpassing all the horrors which mankind ever has experienced till now. This is not the moment to explain the following evil projects in detail to a very badly informed world public, but the internet is full of erudite scholarly investigations of the Nazi ingredients of a global corporate conspiracy against natural and social life on planet Earth, which may end up with the total destruction of the experiment humanity.

The belligerent trails towards this capitalist conflagration we could follow across the millennia, especially after the international division of labor, of the construction of the world market, of that Triangle of Bermudas which now over the next decades is threatening to devour nearly seven billion human beings.

The current bellicose apocalyptic situation can be traced back to the 'Second Imperialist World War', to the famous 'Manhattan Project' of the "Allies" to stop the rapid expansion of Nazism in Europe, Asia and Africa. The arms race in the second half of the world war was, at all costs, by hook or by crook, across 'gentlemen agreements', like the 'Hitler-Stalin Pact', ahead of the other imperialist contenders, rapidly to attain world hegemony and eventually thereafter to form an Orwellian authoritarian, totalitarian and dictatorial 'One World Government'. The genocidal plan, which nipped in the bud tens of millions of precious human lives, was first to develop and produce more sophisticated conventional weapons and in the first place, nuclear bombs. Then it was projected mercilessly and indiscriminately to throw them on cities of the 'enemy' and therewith brutally kill hundred thousands of innocent workers, women and children. By mid-1945, it was clear that the war would end with the victory of the 'allied forces', in other words, it was not necessary to throw the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Power drunk North American hawks with their respective European vultures, decided to test their nuclear weapons and to demonstrate to the world their 'democratic' heroism.

What followed after the war was the continuation of the above with more heinous belligerent projects of mass self-destruction, ranging from 'Operation Paper-Clip' to 'HAARP' and far beyond, from genome experiments to 'Pentagon Aliens'. (1)

For obvious reasons, most of the grim military realities, projects and experiments mentioned here are practically unknown to the general public. While the current navigation fun lasts still we can find scientific materials on the Internet via search machines. We better hurry up to inform and enlighten ourselves before these web sites could suffer the same fate of censorship as some 70 000 blogs which the other day were simply thrown off the world wide web in the United States without any previous notice.

In the secret ''Operation Paper-Clip'' after the war thousands of Nazi scientists either fled to the United States of America, South America and South Africa, or they were secretly recruited to the USA to continue with their deadly war experiments. Similar military experiments continue till this very day.

Over the last years we also have informed our readers, here in Venezuela, about the various 'Philadelphia Experiments', Mkultra, the 'Manchurian Candidate', HAARP,  Pentagon Aliens, Chemtrails, Tesla's free energy technology, electro-magnetic weapons, Wilhelm Reich's orgone, US scramjets, scalar waves, ELF (Extra Low Frequency) waves and the current, invisible, stealth war submarines of Germany and France, etc. All these concern arms of mass control and elimination.

With reference to the current oil world wars, and the corresponding deadly weapons, long ago, Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, warned that "in addition to the devastating impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on the ozone layer, the World's climate can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated 'non-lethal weapons.'" (2)

In various articles, Jutta Schmitt also explained the dangers of geophysical weapons of mass destruction and projects like HAARP, which could direct hurricanes, cause floods, droughts, earthquakes and dramatic changes of the climate. (3)

In fact, as I explained in other writings, long ago already the Pentagon and the Kremlin had developed weapons to manipulate the world's climate. For example, already in the Vietnam War, the USA had used them against the Vietcong. In the USA, this kind of war technology is being used in the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) as part of the (Star Wars) Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), which till this day is being propagated as part of the 'Project for a New American Century'.

Furthermore, according to Thomas Bearden, ever since 1970, in the very USA no normal, natural, weather conditions exist anymore. This is the current situation on a world scale. Meanwhile in Russia, Pakistan, Canada or Venezuela the weather is totally chaotic, it also will never be the same again. The weather of the whole planet, like the whole capitalist system, is already in chaos.

An article of Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, verifies what we suspect; she claims that "Obama's 'Weather War' Plunges World Into Chaos". (4)

In reality, even a gigantic nuclear world war cannot stop the inherent cancerous decay of global capitalism. Even total fascist war has become absurd and bizarre. It will serve no cui bono, no purpose anymore. It would just prolong the agony of capitalism. Political warmongery and economic irrationality have reached such a dramatic level that the very essence of the world order, war and big business, that is, capital, profits and exchange values, the very foundations of class power are becoming senseless.

Exploitation, domination, racism, genocide and alienation launched against billions of global workers have a limit, beyond it, in barbarism, the bourgeois, capitalist or imperialist himself is perishing, he dies together with his wage slave. This is what the final collapse, the paradox of capitalism, of globalization, means. This is barbarism, is what has to be halted, to be avoided at all costs.

Among other hair-raising things, Faal writes:
"A new report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) states that a former top United States Senator, Ted Stevens, was assassinated this week after he attempted to gather evidence 'proving' that President Obama has unleashed America’s devastating 'weather weapons' against the World."

* This 'weather weapon', now used in the Oil World Wars' is HAARP.

More and more, "experts are stating their belief that the extreme weather chaos currently battering our Planet is being caused by the Tesla technology based weapons systems directed from Alaska’s High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, otherwise known as HAARP." (5)

Years ago, concerning Venezuela, about the Vargas catastrophe, we already warned that HAARP may have caused the huge disaster of sinister floods, which probably killed more than 100 000 people.

More gruesome materials can be read in Faal's article, but what we indicated is sufficient to warn that we find ourselves on the brink of total global disaster, as the result of a dying, decaying capitalist mode of self-destruction.

To be able to still halt all this presupposes scientific knowledge about what is to be done, about what needs action, praxis. To avoid blind activism, we need sound thinking and thought, philosophic theory. Within the parameters and paradigms of this universal, closed, capitalist system there is no hope whatsoever to avoid extinction of humanity. Out of it, finding the exit, by means of a true, real exodus, an exvolution, we have a myriad of anticipatory and emancipatory possibilities. file:///C:/Dokumente%20und%20Einstellungen/Franz%20Lee/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/Internet%20Explorer/Quick%20Launch/Mozilla%20Firefox.lnk

Basically, we have to learn what is capitalism, what is its negation, socialism, and how to transcend both, without any pacifist 'transition', without 'democratic reform', that is, emancipation.

(1) See internet for more detailed information. Also:

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