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Franz J. T. Lee: Venezuela, would we wake up one morning and the USA are gone?

Venezuela, would we wake up one morning and the USA are gone?

By Franz J. T. Lee

Globally, Venezuela is not an island; as such not even Cuba exists in isolation.
Hence what is happening elsewhere urgently concerns us. International events,
especially occurrences in North America, directly affect Venezuela, they could
invigorate our hopes or cause the wildest nightmares.

The USA is an imperialist country in the epoch of globalization, it is an
arch-capitalist State. Our problems related to the USA and Canada have very
little to do with the 'Empire' of Alexander the Great or with the imperial crown
of Queen Elizabeth II. South America is threatened by global corporate
imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism. Hence, to fight for socialism,
Venezuela cannot be anti-imperialist and pro-capitalist at the same time. This
would be the classical case of wanting to eat and to have your cake at the same

Let us briefly comment on some aspects of the current capitalist economic
collapse of imperialism in North America and its global consequences, also for

As we ought to know, at this very moment, desperately all global ruling classes
and their corresponding loyal Quislings are trying to halt the collapse of world
capitalism, of the cosmic flow of modern history. With all terrorist means that
justify their ends, by hook and by crook, they are truncating the straight
forward proletarian transcendental crossing of the Rubicon which separates
workers' emancipation from corporate barbarism. Surely, faced by a total,
systemic collapse, with all their military and economic might, the ruling
metropolitan powers and their upcoming competitors for world hegemony, are
currently accelerating their diabolical machinery of global exploitation and are
increasing their machinations of world domination, of 'one world government', of
body, thought and mind control, of overt individual political vigilance and of
covert social surveillance. From all over the USA are threatening Venezuela.

In the relentless, global class struggle, in the current world wars, these
military 'humanist' attacks are taking their proletarian toll. However, they
also indicate for what and whom the 'transhistorical' bells really are tolling!

Marx once stated that the 'barbarian and semi-barbarian' countries could see
their future mirrored in the development of the industrial countries. Nowadays,
in the epoch of globalization, which he himself predicted in 1848, dialectically
he should conclude that the great world power, the United States of America,
should see its future, its collapse, reflected in the current African, Asian and
South American miserable global conditions. The chickens come home to roost.

As bankruptcy, corruption and economic default of the USA are advancing, as the
geometric explosion of pauperization is shaking the very foundations of
imperialist corporatism, and as corporations sink into bottomless quagmires of
concentration and monopolization, similarly the whole globe would become a
nightmare of chaotic migrations, of desperately searching for food and water;
like currently in North Africa, in many countries social unrest would break out;
tent cities and ghost towns would spring up like mushrooms overnight across the
whole globe, especially in Europe and North America. In the latter, already the
military is on alert for internal unrest.

Does this sound too utopian, too far fetched?

Just imagine the following possible scenario.

Gone are the good old days of the Big Three, of the mega-profits of General
Motors, Ford and Chrysler. After the latest big crash only a sputtering
automobile industry is surviving. Like so many other shanty towns and ghettos in
this capitalist world, Detroit may sink into geographic oblivion.

For example, Detroit, or parts of the city, could become a typical 'Wild West'
ghost town. Without business, investment, infrastructures and employment,
Detroit would perish. Nobody would buy any houses, any shops there anymore. The
upper and middle classes would flee, and like in the movie 'After People', soon
Mother Nature would take over again; rattle snakes, wild animals and
'chemtrails' would replace all industries. Grass would be growing on the four
lanes of the highway, on which once upon a time in luxurious limousines the
opulent tycoons and chief executive officers were transported to Wall Street or
Atlantic City. In such a scenario, it could occur that the poorest of the poor
would not even buy 'real estate' in such abandoned ghost towns in the USA, not
even for the price of 100 dollars.

Millions would prefer to vegetate under bridges and in shacks; in cold winters
they choose to suffer illness and pain as the result of horrendous blizzards. At
least, before 'poverty reduction' would reach them too, for the time being they
are still living near to regions where some menial job still could be found to
survive for another few days.

Of course, the above is just 'science fiction', 'wishful thinking' or 'virtual
reality'. The international mass media, the Murdoch empire, tell another story;
a 'one world government', Big Brother will solve all our problems and we would
live happily ever after. In such a case, Venezuela and its natural resources,
would become part of the World State and Chavez would become one of the many
mayors. In reality world fascism is being planned at top speed.

A big question arises: like the Big Three, like Big Brother, is 'Detroit' really
dying and therewith also American capitalism?

Like in the case of the Soviet Union and the Twin Towers, would we wake up one
morning and notice that the USA are no more?

Meanwhile, the United States middle class is fading away. Tent cities could soon
be replacing the skyscrapers of New York ... probably, in the Wild West and
elsewhere the millions of slaughtered 'Red Indians' would turn in their graves,
would welcome the last 'White Mohicans' to smoke an eternal communal peace pipe
with them.

The power elites of the United States and of the European Union, of the NATO and
all its 'coms', the South Com and Africom, the FBI and the CIA, the World Trade
Organization and the International Monetary Fund, and their respective
counterparts everywhere, all of them cannot surpass the creative speed of
natural scalar waves, cannot stop the coming of galactic Spring.

In other writings, long ago we warned that in spite of the trillions of dollars
scuffed into the pockets of corrupt bankers, the USA, in fact, the whole
capitalist system will be collapsing soon. Economically the USA are practically
in default already. They cannot pay their international and national debts. The
relation between their exports and imports is in a total mess. The very Federal
Reserve Bank is on the brink of collapse. It probably cannot even buy the
official paper on which to print the devalued dollars. For Venezuela and Latin
America, as backyard of the USA, all this could have catastrophic consequences.
We are on the slippery edge of a collapsing world capitalist system.

Finally, Venezuela, our problem is not the 'Empire', it is imperialist
capitalism, Globalization.

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