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As radioactive fallout skyrockets, NaturalNews advises readers to consider precautionary doses of iodine, bentonite clay and zeolites

As radioactive fallout skyrockets, NaturalNews advises readers to consider precautionary doses of iodine, bentonite clay and zeolites

Monday, April 25, 2011
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Based on the accumulation of information from multiple sources, it 
is now clear that the true scope of the Fukushima disaster has been greatly 
downplayed by both the Japanese and U.S. governments. NaturalNews is now urging 
its readers to begin taking regular, safe doses of three things: Natural iodine 
sources (seaweed or otherwise), bentonite clay (for internal use) and zeolites 
(any brand).

Naturally, be sure to check with a qualified nutritionist or natural medicine 
practitioner when taking supplements. Those on thyroid medications, in 
particular, should seek professional advice before consuming supplementary 
iodine from any source.

Bentonite clay is, of course, completely safe for internal use (yes, you can eat 
it) when used as directed. It is a cleansing substance that can bind with 
various radioactive isotopes and carry them out of your body. Zeolites are also 
extremely good at attracting both heavy metals and some radioactive isotopes 
which are also carried out of your body.

Radiation emissions are far higher than official reports
The reason for this action notice is due to the increasing realization that 
radiation emissions from Fukushima are far higher than what we are being told. 
Although I have analyzed reports from multiple sources on this, perhaps the best 
citizen blogger explaining this right now is found at

This blogger is Japanese, and he reads the local Japanese news sources to get a 
lot of information about Fukushima before the translators screw it up (or 
distort it).

His latest post reveals that Fukushima is releasing 154 terabequerels of 
radiation per day. This is an order of magnitude higher than what the official 
Japanese sources were saying just a few weeks ago.

Another great blogger on Fukushima is Lucas Whitefield Hixson, who published an 
analysis of the photos that seems to indicate Reactor No. 3 already suffered a 
massive core containment breach from the very first explosion:

If true, this would mean that TEPCO has been lying to us from day one about the 
true extend of the reactor core containment vessel breach.

Why world governments won't tell you the truth
I have good reason to believe we may very well be witnessing an event that has 
already vastly exceeded the Chernobyl disaster in its total release of radiation 
into the environment. Yet the admission of that fact is so politically unviable 
that no government dare admit utter the words. Instead, it is much more 
politically expedient to simply imagine there is no radiation (it's invisible, 
after all), and hope no one notices the huge increases in cancer rates in the 
coming years.

Such is the cowardice is modern-day political leaders. To avoid causing a panic, 
they would rather people keep eating radioactive fish and drinking radioactive 
milk. Somewhere in Washington, a group of nuclear experts must be sitting around 
a table with the President, asking, "So when are we going to tell them about all 
this?" The answer is, of course, "Never."

After all, any increase in cancer can always be blamed on sunbathing, or tanning 
salons, or whatever convenient target the medical community is currently trying 
to discredit. (Heck, they could probably find a way to say that vitamin D causes 

This Fukushima fallout could even be a whole new profit center for the cancer 
industry which has long been in the business of irradiation women's breasts with 
mammography machines anyway. Cancer industry corporations must be drooling over 
the profit prospects that will emerge from the global radiation exposure under 
way right now.

Most people will take no precautions
The upshot of all this is that the masses may be suffering from very risky doses 
of radioactive fallout right now, with no precautions whatsoever being taken to 
protect themselves. After all, President Obama stood in front of his podium and 
told the American people there was nothing to worry about. He said no one needed 
to prepare, and this was followed up with yet more official urgings to avoiding 
taking potassium iodide. (

The game is apparently on. What game is that? The game of culling the human 
population by eliminating from the human gene pool those individuals who are too 
brain dead to think for themselves. Cancer + infertility, after all, is a fairly 
effective way to remove someone's genetic code from the future of the 
population, and what better than a massive, global radiation dump to sort out 
the brainwashed masses from those who actually take their genetic future seriously?

That's one theory behind all this, at least. Some say it's only a theory and 
nothing more. But when you look at what's really happening today with the mass 
intentional contamination and destruction of our planet -- the spread of GMOs, 
the fluoride poisoning of the water supply, the pesticide-induced honey bee 
population collapse, and so on -- you can't help but wonder if someone really is 
trying to kill off a very large segment of the human population. Fukushima 
either deliberately or coincidentally seems to play right into that agenda.

Or maybe that's all just paranoid conspiracy thinking, and the real explanation 
behind all this is just global government incompetence combined with 
pathological national leaders who have no compassion whatsoever for the lives 
and health of their own citizens. Either explanation is sufficiently bizarre 
enough to make intelligent people at least start asking questions... and 
hopefully to start taking some precautions against radiation fallout (hence the 
iodine, clay and zeolites). Bentonite clay, after all, doesn't cost much. Losing 
the genetic integrity of your sperm production, on the other hand, is a real 

Then again, maybe all of this is just a bunch of hooey. If you believe the 
"scientific" community, the government figures are always accurate. There's no 
cover-up. The situation is completely under control. The radiation levels are 
miniscule. There was no meltdown. Go on about your business and stop worrying.

Just eat your imported fish, go get your CT scans at the hospital and take your 
antidepressants. Buy your slave-labor brand-name sports gear at the local mall, 
and be sure to slather yourself in perfumes, petroleum-based skin lotions and 
sunscreen (to protect yourself from cancer, of course).

And then, a few years down the road, if you find your DNA has mutated beyond 
your ability to reproduce in the future, don't worry: You can always trade a 
year's salary for some hormone injections at the local infertility clinic, 
right? Infertility clinics, by the way, are really great at increasing the 
survival rate of fetuses with birth defects which would otherwise normally be 
aborted by the mother's own body (

*How Fukushima could create a real Spider Man!
So even if the next generation of children in America are born mostly to 
irradiated, genetically-mutated parents, thanks to the "miracle" of modern 
infertility science we can probably manage to keep a fair number of them alive 
long enough for them to become the new generation of post-Fukushima X-Men with 
special mutant powers that can save our world from evil villains. Fukushima 
might also irradiate some spiders that could bite a few geeky teenage boys and 
magically transform them into acrobatic "spider men" who magically attain 
advanced hand-to-hand combat skills without ever having practiced them. What 
could be bad about that?

In fact, the entire Marvel universe of comic book characters might yet 
materialize out of the smoke and (radioactive) dust of Fukushima. So, you see, 
Fukushima is actually the solution to all our problems, not the source of any 

And if you think none of this could really happen because I'm quoting characters 
from comic books, just remember this: The Japanese government is reading you 
lines from a fairy tale and hoping you buy into it just the same.

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