Monday, 31 August 2009

Commentary: Who and what is the Empire?

By Franz J. T. Lee

Who conform and are the executioners of the global exploitative Empire?
¿Who are the 500 giant corporations in whose hands the totality of global capital accumulation is presently concentrated and who are the executioners of the global, exploitative Empire?

These corporations are the ones that form the Empire of the real world, which control and defend by all means available the imperialist, capitalist world system. It is this corporatist concentration, expression of the monopolization and concentration of capital, against which socialism or radical anti-capitalism has to be directed. A socialism that does not negate this world order in which small elites personally possess practically all of the world's extraction of natural resources as well as the production of goods and services on a global scale, while millions of wage slaves vegetate in misery and extreme poverty, is simply no socialism.  

Looking at the exorbitant profits made by the big oil corporations and considering that almost daily we hear of new discoveries of big oil reserves all over the world, we may pose the question: What about the energy crisis? Where has it gone?

We have to identify and know the true "empire" which does not limit itself to the United States of America, in order to take effective measures against it. This is a global Empire! Any Bolivarian, revolutionary, socialist and emancipatory praxis and theory that does not take into account these realities when elaborating its strategies, must fail.
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