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Military Men Moving There own Families Now!!!! Snowplows Ready To Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Highways When Evacuations Occur

Breaking News Military Men Moving There own Families Now!!!! Snowplows Ready To Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Highways When Evacuations Occur

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Jueves, 01 de Julio de 2010 08:45
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 Snowplows Ready To Remove Abandoned Vehicles from Highways When Evacuations Occur
Greg Evenson

It has been approximately three weeks since former State Trooper and Secret Service appointee Greg Evenson appeared on The Waterman Files to discuss what his inside sources are telling him about the situation in and around the Gulf of Mexico.  Today, Evenson discussed and updated the situation with John

”Greg Evenson stated that it was suggested to him by University of Texas researchers that four to five weeks ago (which he described in a broadcast on May 27th) that there were reports from the U.S. Geological Service that an earthquake was precipitated at eleven miles below the ocean floor when drilling at the Deepwater Horizon site went as deep as thirty thousand feet – not the deepest well on earth, but the deepest ever penetrated into such a major source deposit of [this type of] oil, which is why it is coming up red and radioactive. The reports from the U.S.G.S. indicated that this earthquake may have fractured the ocean floor which would explain the oil seeps at seven to twenty-eight miles away that may not be coming from the drill site at all, but by cracks in the ocean floor caused by this and the giant deposit.

Evenson, discussing the problem with separating fact from fiction when determining the situation in the affected regions stated that, “The time for silliness and… extraordinary statements that have no basis… really need to be called out of the debate because we are losing time, we’re losing ground every moment. It may be [entertainment] to some, but to others it is deadly serious business, and I mean deadly serious…”

There have been suggestions that the oil rigs – all operations in the Gulf of Mexico – will be shut down.  A video is making it’s way around the internet of Pensacola Florida with methane boiling out of the water, said to be a million times more  in some areas, one hundred thousand in some areas, than anything close to normal.  Those amounts of methane being released are the equivalent of  twenty times more than the carbon dioxide typically being released into the atmosphere from automobiles, etc.

Various scientists have postulated that this uncontrolled, massive release of toxins is going to cause extreme phenomenon around the globe, including major fluctuations in climate causing super storms similar to those in the Hollywood movie “The Day After” that are going to be mind boggling.   In response to this scenario, Evenson says, “That is absolutely correct, and add to that the absolute disaster that is taking place before our eyes with this overspray, this incredible overspray of Corexit that is causing damage.  I’ve seen pictures of it supplied to me… of these crops and trees and other things withering under this continuing assault.  As if it’s not enough that B.P. has created all of this problem, now they have created a secondary and a third problem with the debilitation of infrastructure and crops and so-forth from the spraying of this horrible Corexit.”

    “Snow plows are being readied to go up and down the interstate highways in the middle of summer moving stranded vehicles off the road when evacuations begin.”  Evenson implored people to not panic, and to simply prepare ahead so that they can move out of harms way before the crush of a full evacuation has begun.”  - Greg Evenson -There Are report's of excessive methane gas in the gulf.which could be why the water in this video appears to be boiling.

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