Thursday, 9 December 2010

Reflections on a commentary of my latest article: 'Venezuela: Are we really losing the revolution'

 Reflections on a commentary of my latest article: 'Venezuela: Are we really losing the revolution'

By Franz J. T. Lee

As explained in previous writings, the bourgeois, democratic, capitalist revolution, which is realizing itself fully now in present post-Orwellian globalization, is entering the decisive era of global fascism, of the total collapse of authoritarian, totalitarian corporatism.

'Peaceful transition' regulated by a total transhistoric mental holocaust, secret programs of possible physical genocide to annihilate a billion or more of useless, unproductive 'mad cows', tons and tons of stockpiled arsenals of mortal weapons of mass destruction, coming nuclear wars and a polluted, toxic, rotten planet ... this, inter alia, is what capitalism is offering us today.

After global imperialism on Geo possibly not even cockroaches would survive anymore.

Yes, Hegel said it: anything that comes into existence merits to pass away! At this moment the bell is tolling for capitalism, for life on planet Earth! The 'corpo-rats', in spite of their modern technology and the militarization of outer space, cannot even leave the sinking Titanic.

Mankind is on the horns of a 'trilemma': we could choose the possibility of let things go their way (internal affirmative evolution); we could try in traditional ways to launch the world revolution (internal,  negative revolution) against the closed capitalist system, however, both boil down to Hobson's choice. With change from within we would land in the eternal evolutionary, revolutionary  cul de sac.

Is there another, direct possibility? Could we get out of the labor-capital system, out of the evolution-revolution Russian roulette?

.Whether we could surpass 'peacefully' and in a pacifist manner towards world socialism with the legal bourgeois methods of the French guillotine and the 'reign of terror', or, whether we 'violently' would allow barbarism, that is, corporate imperialism, to 'dematerialize' us, ... as being fomented by the ideologues and 'think-tanks' of the International Monetary Fund, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the 'G-groups' or NATO the end, mankind would be obliterated, would end up in total extinction within this third millennium. What is knocking at our doors are 'full spectrum dominance', 'military humanism' and the 'one world government'.

What about considering something really new. However, to reach the parameters and paradigms of the novum, we need an urgent purification catharsis (Frantz Fanon). We have to get rid of the master-slave epidemic in and around us. We have to come to the dialectical cross roads, to cross the Rubicon, to discover the human trinity, its creative transvolution. Against the mental holocaust, we have to think, learn and act in an innovative manner. We have to become exotic, erotic, tropical, in fact, to be Mother Nature. As such, as cosmic nature, we could confront globalization, could venture far beyond its imperialist fangs and pangs, its corporate flotsam and jetsam.

Thus, we have to get out, to look for the exit out of this capitalist Murdoch and Moloch, to 'exform' ourselves about nature, society and emancipation. We have to surpass evolution and revolution and enter the sphere of exvolution.

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